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Born in Rio de Janeiro, 1981, in a family of TV and cinema writers. He grew up on film sets and script meetings. He graduated in Radio and TV from FAAP and in cinema from the New York Film Academy. He was assistant director of renowned directors in series, feature films, television programs and soap operas, including “Avenida Brasil”. Currently, he is a director assistant at Tv Globo in the next 9 pm soap opera - "Um lugar ao sol".

NINHO nos convida a conhecer o conceito de “SANKOFA” - um ideograma presente na tradição africana, representado por um pássaro místico que simboliza o retorno ao passado para resinificar o presente e construir o futuro.


Meu show reel apresenta filmes, filmes musicais, séries, novelas e branded content.

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In the movie RIO OUT OF TRASH, the youtuber Mary (Brunna Bennassi) is making the first 360-degree video live on Leblon's "glamourous" beach. She suddenly stumbles on a woman (Dani Ornellas) who collects garbage on the beach in an effort to preserve the environment. She decides to mobilize the youtuber to join this cause.


Short immersive footage filmed at 5.7k for VR and Youtube 360.


In SEDE DE PAZ (Thirst for peace) we present the story of artist Musipere, a refugee from Congo, when Laurent-Désiré Kabila took Joseph Mobutu out of power, kicking off the First Congo War in 1997. Musipere lost his father and two brothers in war and fate brought to Brazil, the country he loves so much.

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